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Meet the most efficient sales and marketing tool for the mobile sales force.

Beautiful, responsive and fully customizable presentation of your content in real-time.

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Crescendo makes sales and marketing presentations a breeze. Effortless and foolproof – it’s the number one choice for mobile sales teams to always be on point. With Crescendo, your sales reps will always carry the most up-to-date resources, know exactly what to do, and how to do it.

Present content efficiently through intuitive integration, carry out sales activities within your cloud CRM, and see detailed sales feedback in real time.

Crescendo is a turnkey solution that works on any of these cloud storage solutions:



Who needs Crescendo?

Mobile sales teams, professionals on-the-go, mobile marketers, and organizations that need to automate, enhance or streamline their sales processes.


How does it work?

Crescendo links securely to your company cloud storage system and makes it possible to build mobile sales presentations and workflows from that content. Crescendo seamlessy works with Salesforce libraries,, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, and Microsoft Sharepoint – all without IT assistance or a 3rd party integration point. It just works!


What does it do?

Crescendo helps you make beautiful sales presentations on your iPad that are always up-to-date with real-time resources from your cloud. With powerful added features, it turns into a mobile sales workhorse, helping you plan, present and organize in ways you have never seen before.

Step 1

Choose a document folder in your cloud or corporate system

Step 2

Tag the folder ‘Crescendo’

Step 3

Add branded images and logos

That’s it! You’re ready to build beautiful sales presentations on the iPad.

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Crescendo was built for beautiful content presentation for the iPad, but it enables so much more. Learn how Crescendo’s mobile sales features help your business grow, improve your bottom line, and keep you focused on conversions.



Sales and marketing
  • Real-time – Always carry up-to-date product catalogs.
  • Beautiful – Display content that stays on-brand and looks amazing.
  • Productive – Drive sales meetings, trainings, and demos.
  • Interactive – Engage customers live at events or in the office.
  • Trackable – Improve efficiency with analytics and business intelligence.


How Crescendo works for you
  • Make workflows super-efficient with advanced form functions
  • Handle meetings and presentations with ease and confidence in up-to-date materials
  • Train and onboard new team members in a fast and efficient way
  • Solve compliance challenges with document and resource organization





Real estate




And more

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Key benefits

Leverages your cloud storage solution

Crescendo works with Google Drive, Box, Salesforce and Microsoft OneDrive out of the box. No 3rd party services required. It just works!

Valuable Insights and Analytics

Get business insights into what is being done and how your team is using Crescendo.

Always on-top-of-things

Easily store, manage and distribute content across customers, leads and teams.

Works seamlessly with your CRM

Interact with your Salesforce contacts, accounts and leads directly from Crescendo.

Always up-to-date

Syncs in real-time with your cloud-based resources so you never have an outdated document again!

Fully customizable

Choose from our beautiful predefined themes or easily make your own.

Powerful form functions

Creating form, edit your PDF's on the go, or search for text in all documents.

See how Crescendo helps you sell more, with less effort.

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What makes Crescendo better than other sales solutions out there?
It’s in the technology.

Flexibility and ease of use

Simply tag your content as ‘Crescendo’ in your Box, Salesforce, Google Drive or OneDrive and your tagged items are ready to use in Crescendo. Cloud integration has never been easier!

Security and privacy of your data

Crescendo leverages the advanced security of your vetted cloud system. All of your login data and resources stay secure. Never again export data outside. All permission levels match your cloud storage system so you have full control over what’s accessible and by whom.


Beautiful themes

We’ve prepared hundreds of beautiful themes for the iPad. We’ll build your first custom theme for you for FREE. To create your own themes, place branding icons, logos and other design elements directly into your Crescendo theme folder and you’re ready to go! You can even customize details like folder icons, file icons, page headers, button colors, and much more!


Theme creator

Want even more customization? You can do it through our beautiful and intuitive online theme creator. Theming has never been easier and more fun!


Offline storage control

Ever had a sales meeting where you need important data from your cloud but the internet connection just won’t work? We know that pain. Crescendo automatically downloads your content onto your iPad so if you’re ever in that situation, you’ll still have access to your critical data. You can choose between three offline storage behaviors. Offline storage gives you total data confidence as you enter your meeting.


Real-time updates

With Crescendo’s real-time updates, you can be certain that your presentation materials are always up-to-date whenever you need them. From finance to pharma industries, relevant data is extremely important. You’ll never again present an outdated offer, or show inaccurate product information. Crescendo always stays up-to-date and automatically updates your files on the go.

Advanced sales enablement features

Crescendo comes with powerful features that allow you to interact directly with your cloud CRM. From annotating of PDFs, sharing files, advanced text search functions, text indexing and more, Crescendo becomes one-stop data workhorse between your resources and your teams.

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