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Book Conference Rooms Through
a Smart and Elegant Visual Display

Optimize and beautify your conference room booking system with iPads running Marquee by Sependa.

Crescendo links securely to your cloud CRM resources and makes it possible to build mobile sales presentations, workflows from that content.

Users can also book on-demand directly from Marquee’s slick interface.


Ease of use / 2 modes of use:

1) Book your room directly from your Calendar – no 3rd party integration required.

2) Walk up to a room, see if it’s free for quick use and book on the spot.

Whichever way you choose to book your room, Marquee makes it quick and simple so that you can always stay productive.

No external system required.

Marquee augments your existing infrastructure. Use Outlook or Google Calendar as already are. It just works!

Increase usage efficiency

Marquee’s optional Require Check In feature increases room usage efficiency by 50% on average.

It’s your fix for ghost room bookings?

It’s your solution for empty bookings?

Marquee runs on legacy iPads too.

Got a bunch of iPads that are running on older software? Put them to use with Marquee!

Theme creator / Plentiful theming possibilities

Make Marquee unique to you! Customize the iPads to match your company branding.

Admin portal with loads of options

Access your cloud based admin panel to manage your devices, run diagnostics, set booking, checking, privacy and power-saving settings and more!

Powerful analytics

Marquee Analytics portal stats allows you access to detailed room usage statistics to help you utilize your room space as efficiently as possible. Marquee is the ultimate space optimization tool!

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